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Once upon a time, there were 3 girls who loved to cook, loved to discuss food, and most of all, loved to eat.  These girls all had very different tastes.  Every so often, the stars would align and the 3 girls would cook something that everyone enjoyed – and on those occasions the kitchen was a magical place.  There was another girl who also loved to eat, but her palette was about as developed as a school girl’s chest.  To her, a spoonful of peanut butter was delicious and popcorn with M&Ms was gourmet.  But over time (and thanks to the gentle nudging of the aforementioned culinary aficionados), her taste in food matured from that of an overgrown baby to that of a curious and questioning pioneer.  With the dispersion of the 4 foodie friends on the horizon, they agreed to keep the hunt for the perfect recipes alive, the sharing of delicious dishes intact, and the pot of friendship at a rolling boil. And with that, k1thcen b1ches was born.

Soon after, K1tchen B1tches welcomed the culinary wisdom of another girl with open arms, as well as another notoriously finicky San Diegan.  With the old adage of “too many cooks in the kitchen” thrown out the window, we became 6 girls, 3 cities.


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