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Holy Late Post!

Goodness guys I’m sorry,

I didn’t forget to cook the meal, I did that in a timely fashion.  But writing has been a little bit of a struggle because my roommate works for EA and they have released like 5 games lately – so I’ve been playing video games in all of my spare time.  It’s getting gross actually (but, if you play, go for Far Cry 3 – IT IS AMAZING).

On to the meal!

BACKSTORY: This was the first time I have cooked in the house I currently reside in – and on February 15th I will have lived there for an entire year.  So when I started pulling out pots and pans two of my roommates actually pulled up stools and watched me cook because they were positive that I couldn’t.  They’re also convinced I can’t make a mixed drink either – but that’s because they drink wine called Jam Jar and enjoy dissolving Jolly Ranchers into already fruit flavored vodka.  Remind me not to send them the link to this blog.

There was another first with this recipe, I followed it almost to the letter, on the ingredients, not the preparation.  Which means I had to go to the grocery store because I did not own any of the ingredients.  This was the longest part of the process because the only thing I have bought at the Lucky’s across the street from my house is alcohol and BBQ flavored sunflower seeds – to say the least there was a lot of wandering and looking lost. 

But knowing where the produce was I headed there first, and having worked with butternut squash previously I knew well enough to grab the pre-diced stuff because those suckers are hard to dissect.  And I felt a little sketchy about using the same chicken broth for cooking the chicken and then using the broth to water down the quinoa afterwards so I went for one of the pre-roasted chickens.

I made it home after what seemed like 2 hours in the store and started to cook, much to my roommates’ amusement.  With all my ingredients that were like totally ready to use I really only had some chopping and boiling to do – then a little bit of adding and waiting. 

So once it was all done, and the quinoa had been fluffed and the kalamata olives had been added I served myself up some.  I had read from Kelsey’s that sriracha was a good add but I wanted to try it first in all of its glory.  And it was delicious!  Obviously I switched out the parsley for cilantro.  Then I immediately scarfed down two bowls. One with sriracha and one without.  And honestly, I liked it better without.  I ate it for the next week – just adding a little more chicken broth and heating it up again. 

I loved it.  I impressed my roommates.  I had a delicious meal. And I would make it again in a heartbeat.

Bring on more!



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