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Dinner is Served!

Hello Ladies! I am so happy to be back in the game however, I fear I may not be as clever as I once was. It has been quite some time since I’ve written more than a work email ekk. But with that said, here I go…

First, Jenna…welcome and congratulations for having a successful first run at things. I was a big fan of Wednesday night’s healthy chicken stew. Quinoa has been all the rave for a while now, which is why I bought a bag of it about a year ago.  Lucky for me, I had not had the desire to cook it yet so I had a full bag in the pantry just waiting to be used.  The rest of the ingredients were pretty standard, making this recipe not only tasty but also affordable (big plus!!). Callie and I ran to the store after work to pick up any last minute essentials. We opted for a rotisserie chicken instead of cooking the chicken ourselves, and we left out the olives (nImageot my favorite ingredient) otherwise, we stuck pretty close to the recipe.

Once we were set to go with our ingredients and game plan, Cal and I quickly assumed our positions in the kitchen. She, with her onion goggles chopping away and me tackling the butternut squash. Once we each completed our tasks, we threw it all in a pot and watched with anticipation while the flavors melded together!


With the commencement of K1tchenB1tchens, we felt there couldn’t be a better opportunity to break in Callie’s new dining chairs. So, for the first time since we moved into 1712 Oliver Ave, Cal, Andy and I sat down at the table for a grown up meal! Immediately after diving in we all agreed that this recipe was a keeper however, we couldn’t help but throw out a few changes we would make for next time:

1 – Siaracha is a must! A spicy element was much needed next to the sweet butternut squash.

2 – We agreed that if you are a fan of cilantro, do a little switcheroo with the parsley.

3 – Lastly, the stew could definitely use an extra can of tomatoes!  

I feel it is fair to give this recipe a rating of A- with the potential for an A+


And with that, I come to the closing of my first 2013 K1tchenB1tches recipe review. Hope you all enjoyed the meal as much as I did. Can’t wait for the next round 🙂



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