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Hell has Frozen over.

Hell has definitely frozen over or there’s something weird in the San Diego water… I’m posting my first Kitchen Bitches recipe and wait for it…. It’s a SOUP!! To be honest i’m not sure I’ll even like it but I know that you guys will, so here’s another example of me being selfless and sacrificing my needs for the good of the majority. I picked this soup because a dear friend highly recommended it and it has a couple of key ingredients I have been really into as of late: Butternut squash and Quinoa. Both of these ingredients are staples of the Aussie diet, yum.

Butternut Quinoa Collage 2

So here it is:

So not sure what everyone’s January schedule is but Kelsey Lee and I have already confirmed that our schedules are wide open, we were thinking of making this recipe sometime next week if that works for everyone? It would be awesome if we could all make it the same day, you know how the saying goes… Misery Loves Company!! Anywho, I am excited to make my first dish, hopefully the first of many successful Kitchen Bitches dishes!!!

Peace. Love. Happy Cooking.




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