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Ragin’ Cajun Loaf of Meat

Along with Jesus Christ, flowers, and baby animals everywhere, the k1tchenb1tches blog is risen this Spring.  And what better way to celebrate a the start of warm weather, swimsuits, and sunshine than with an extremely heavy hunk of ground beef infused with even more meat?  I can’t think of anything.  So Callie, first off a round of applause to your bold and hearty choice.  I can’t wait to hear your first review as an official member, and I hope you enjoyed your choice as much as I did. 

Let’s begin, shall we?  The shopping list for the dish was by far the easiest – Bill and Betty had most of the ingredients at their house and everything else was obtained at the nearby Safeway.  When I got home, the meat was defrosted and I was ready to rock and roll.  Now, as disgusting as I find raw chicken and turkey, for some reason I am not grossed out by ground beef and in this case, it actually smelled delicious.  Spoiler alert – I did manage to refrain from eating any of it raw.  This is one of those “everyone in the pool” recipes (a term I used from my paramour, Guy Fieri…sigh…)  So a pool party it was – a meaty, egg-y, pecan-y, sausage-y, cheesy shindig that I thoroughly molested with my hands.  The result was a fantastic smelling meat paste that I fashioned into a long, low, log (which I believe may be verbatim from the recipe)


While the loaf roasted, I got to work on the caramelized onions.  These are so frickin’ easy to make and such a wonderful addition to almost any carnivorous dish, I need to remind myself to use them more often.  As the onions simmered away, I concocted the succulent cajun mayonnaise sauce (I think I’ve pretty much secured this as the least sexy-sounding blog post yet – “succulent”, “meat log” and talking about eating raw ground beef have not been known to get anyone’s blood flowing).  While we waited for the meal to culminate, Betty and I downloaded the Of Monsters and Men album and sampled the tracks, which led us to dancing around the kitchen to proactively burn some of the calories we were inevitably going to ingest.  As a side note, I HIGHLY recommend that album, it’s lovely.  

The dancing subsided as the oven beeped, and the meat thermometer informed me that the loaf was ready to be consumed.  I sliced it up, doused it with the remoulade-ish sauce, and served up my side dish and a Bill salad.  It was glorious.  It may have been my imagination, but I could have sworn I saw tiny angels formed in the wisps of steam from the meatloaf. 


This dish was freaking amazing.  The pecans added a welcomed crunch, the sausage was flavorful and spicy and lent its flavor to the ground beef (which barely needed to be seasoned).  Needless to say, the blue cheese was almost too good to be true, because nothing goes together quite like red meat and blue cheese.  Very patriotic, if you ask me.  There was a general consensus of yummy noises at the table as the Lee family enjoyed this elusive comfort food, so rarely seen at the kitchen table.  Bill even commented that it “tastes like steak!” As you can see from the photo, I offset the rich meatloaf with roasted sweet potatoes and cauliflower, which I seasoned with the same Cajun seasoning that was used in the sauce. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m going to give this dish an 8.75.  I deducted some points because it was heavier than I’m used to eating and did punish me afterward (and again after eating the leftovers).  There’s a possibility that this was a result of me having only eaten Cheese-Its and wine at Coachella for the 4 days prior and then jumping straight into meatloaf, so I’ll take some of the blame.  But overall, spectacular flavor, hearty texture, and let’s face it, it’s hard to go wrong with a log of meat 🙂

To those of you who haven’t made the dish yet, happy cooking!  To those who have – write that shit up!




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