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Late night cooking makes for good meals.

So I must say that much cheese has never crossed my threshold at the same time.  Actually the more that I think about it I only ever buy cheese for these recipes.  But really, that’s neither here nor there.  On to the adventure!

The Starting Point

So I, much like Kelsey, did not really take note of the fact that this was a time intensive recipe.  I printed it out, took note that there were not a ton of ingredients and thought, “hell! I’ll go for a run, finish it at Safeway and then walk my groceries home! I’m a genius!”  So I head out for a run around six, get into a mad groove and don’t realize that it’s after seven when I get to Safeway.  Also, upon entering Safeway I genuinely forget that I did not in fact drive there and decide that now is the perfect time t! o peruse every aisle and buy everything I need for the next two weeks.  I spend another hour in the store, mostly because it’s terrible, things aren’t where they should be, and also at this point I’m starving, so I’m really just oogling food.

However I make it to checkout counter and I have just tons of stuff.  It gets packed up by the sub-par checker and as soon as I get out to the foggy air, it hits me, YOU DIDN’T DRIVE HERE! Don’t get me wrong, Safeway isn’t far, but it’s far enough.  The walk felt like some kind of Chinese torture, if I let my arms hang, my trapezium muscles begin to burn, so I curl the groceries up, pretend I’m at the gym and start counting steps.  After 45 steps, I let my arms fall again until I can’t take the burn… I’m in a rinse and repeat until home situation.  I get home, put my key in the door, drop the groceries, pull out the recipe again  and I cannot even read it my hands are shaking so bad.  (This was Thursday night, and I decided it was enough of a workout that I didn’t need to work out at all for the rest of the weekend).

Browning Cauliflower

Now it is past eight and I have decided to start the recipe, I still have not taken note of all the places in the instructions that say things such as “let cool completely” or “you can do this at least 4 hours beforehand”.  I start with the browning of cauliflower and it smells pretty damn good and just looks beautiful! While it’s making my kitchen/entire house smell lovely I measure out the cheese mixture and just cannot believe the amount of cheese.  This is the first time I read “let the cauliflower cool completely” which I kind of expected but it caught me a little off guard.  So because of my limited amount of cooking supplies I just throw the cauliflower on top of the cheese and start in on the sauce.

Here is the only place that I changed the recipe, I chose prosciutto instead of pancetta, mainly because it was cheaper and because I was feeling a bit health conscious as I stared at the packages I went for the prosciutto.  I ripped the pieces up with my fingers because whenever I try to cut bacon or anything like that it just gets all stuck together.  (Cool story Hansel — thanks Kelsey).   I get that all sizzling, and pour the butter and chicken broth and let it start cooking down.   By this time I have decided the cauliflower is cool enough, and still not owning a food processor, I mash the hell of it, using a masher I purchased at the store and it worked pretty well.


The Mashing

I begin to read my roadmap to dinner again which at this point is starting to take the equivalent of drive to Tahoe.  It’s getting close to ten, I haven’t even begun to assemble a ravioli and I begin thanking the Lord that I purchased pre-made dough squares.  I pull those out, grab a tiny dish of water and begin making my ravioli, but try as I might I cannot get the correct proportion of filling to square to fold it in half.  I give up, figuring the ugly ones probably taste just as good as the pretty ones (which is true in life too girls).

ravioli workstation

Ravioli Workstation

I make the decision that the sauce has cooked down enough and I start to heat up my salted water.   I’m now literally watching and waiting for the water to start boiling, and like they say, that takes a long, long time.  It begins a little bit of a rolling boil and I toss the five I have prepared in.  I heat the sauce up to scalding (an accident), gently remove the delicate pockets of love I have put so much time into, pour myself some Pinot Grigio and dig in.

Clouds part, angels are singing and I actually start crying (I’ve been emotional lately).  But these things are so damn good! The sauce tastes like only melted butter, the big strips of pancetta add just the right amount of salt.  And my goodnass the raviolis them selves are perfect.  Since I still do not have a food processor, and I only mashed, I can still get just a little bit of the crunch of the cauliflower and the cheese trifecta is so tantalizingly good a tear rolls off my chin to my carpeted ground and a tiny flower sprouts right then and there.

The road was hard, but the reward was absolutely worth it. I give it an A.  I do not have a final picture because unlike Kelsey I did not have a balanced meal and my raviolis were ugly, but oh so good.  I would certainly make this again, but I would do it on a Saturday when I had the whole day to do it.

On Sunday my brother came over and we made a few more raviolis but then we heated up the filling and dipped Triscuits in it… DAMN GINA! Suffice it to say, it was good.

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