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Buon Appetite!

I hope none of you have been holding your breath for this post, since it has taken me entirely too long to committee to a recipe.  I have considered several ideas but at the end of the day I decide to go with my first instinct and cook something Italian. As most people know, I am not Italian in any way shape or form (at least I don’t think I am), however, Italian food was a staple growing up in the Stone household.

Drum roll please……….this week we will be making Cauliflower Ravioli with Pancetta


I hope everyone is as excited as I am to make some homemade ravioli! Picking the type of filling was mind-blowing but I think I’ve settled on a damn good one! Now before anyone panics over the idea of spending countless hours kneading and rolling out their own dough, I want to mention a few short cuts. By all means making your dough from scratch is an option but b1tches can also use wonton wrappers or prepared sheets of pasta dough if you can find it at the grocery store. I have faith that all of you will come up with a way to create this meal to best suit your individual schedules, kitchen appliance, and dietary needs.

Much Love and Luck,



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