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Down Home Cookin’ South African Style

Today was a sad day…I finally finished off mine and Justine’s South African soup. I would describe this dish as a sweet yet spicy, hardy yet healthy dish that was both foreign and comforting at the same time. I think it’s safe to say that I was a fan of this dish and I have to be honest when I tell you that this came as quite a surprise to me.

I’m typically pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new dishes but when I first read the ingredients in this week’s soup I was a bit skeptical. Now I am a fan of each of these ingredients individually but once all mixed together I could not picture what I would be left with for dinner. I think I can usually gage what something will taste like from my familiarity with the ingredients used to make it. In this situation my lack of experience came through and I kept thinking about the dish in terms of its most pronounced ingredient, peanut butter! For some reason, the idea of hot liquid peanut butter kept coming to mind and completely turning me off. With a mindset such as this I knew I would need some moral support in the kitchen so I called up Justine and arranged to make this week’s meal together.

Lucky for us, Justine had most of the ingredients already (as Kim mentioned, most of these things are typical household staples which was a definite plus).  As soon as Justine arrived with all the essentials we got straight to chopping and I must say, even our bowl of chopped ingredients looked appetizing. After completing our prep work we started cooking and the strong aromas from the dish took over the house immediately.

So we’ve got pretty colors and delicious smells—so far so good!


As Justine and I moved merrily along in the kitchen, reassuring each other that the dish would be good we realized something monumental…we forgot to add the garlic!! How we managed to do this, I do not know! But Justine was quick on her feet and immediately started heating up some oil in a separate pan to brown the garlic and before we knew it the garlic was in with the rest of the ingredients and we were back in the game. Other than this potentially detrimental mishap, preparing the meal was pretty much smooth sailing. And soon enough, our Ginny pig, Jenna was home from yoga and it was time for dinner to be served!

We opted to serve the dish as more of a stew over rice opposed to soup which turned out to be a great idea if I do say so myself. Justine and I grabbed our bowls and the sriracha and headed for the couch. After adding a sufficient amount of extra spice to counterbalance the anticipated sweetness, we began to dig in and we were immediately impressed. Even Jenna, with her riceless bowl and pile of discarded black beans went back for seconds.

When all is said and done I give this meal an A-

I had expected the worst and instead got to indulge in a tasty meal, full of everyday ingredients that came together to create a dish that was new and unique. Good pickin’ Kels 🙂


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  1. Loved it! Your soup looked like! now, if we could only send each other samples to see how they differ…

    P.S. I promise I will write a better review on the next one. Who’s up next?! What are we cooking!?



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