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Choosy mom’s choose JIF, I chose it because it was on sale.

My mother is a spying, prying woman, with little to no sense of personal privacy. That being said I’ll begin the deconstruction of the meal.

I really liked this soup.  It was delicious and I give it an A.  It was extremely filling and today after I had it for lunch for the third time, I finally threw the rest out.  But, Kelsey you were correct in saying that the creator of this blog was in love with herself… and running.  If she could make love to herself, whilst running, and eating this soup, it seems like she would probably die happy.

I liked that this was kind of a poor man’s curry.  If I were a normal person, that owned food and rudimentary kitchen items, I would probably have only had to buy a few things.  But, nonetheless I had to buy most of the ingredients on the list, and the things I didn’t buy, because I thought I had them, I didn’t have (e.g. black beans).  I always have black beans, I put them on everything, there are always two cans in my cupboard and on this Wednesday that was not the case.  So when I got home and realized this I quickly switched to hominy, which was not at all a bad trade. And if you look closely at the picture you will also notice that I took the opportunity to use chicken broth and not vegetable broth.                                                                                                                                              


This meal was easy to construct, every step took the perfect amount of time to get ready  for  the  next.  And while it was boiling at the end it gave me time to tidy my apartment.

I think the only thing I might add is Japanese Eggplant, maybe even substitute it for the sweet potato.  It has the same texture but (excuse my wordage) a creaminess (oh goodness it’s terrible) that you can’t really get with a sweet potato, and the skin adds a nice crunch.  For the last time I ate it I added some white rice to make it a bit more like curry, and it did well with the as well.

In Summation – loved it, will totally make it again



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