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Once You Go African…

After painstaking deliberation, I am proud to announce the recipe for the next installation of k1tchenb1tches (does anyone else have an extremely hard time typing that?)

Everyone get ready to try your hand at African Sweet Potato Soup with Peanut Butter and Black Beans (! )

African Sweet Potato Soup with Peanut Butter and Black Beans


My goal was to choose a dish from a strange and magical land, and this soup looked positively mouth watering.  The blogger whose site I got it from is slightly self righteous and annoying (try to steer clear of her “about me” section – it’s maddening), but I can’t wait to find out if this so-called “pretty serious soup” is as good as she says it is.  And also, let’s see how long we can stick with the cilantro theme.

How does next Tuesday (the 26th) work for everyone?  Looking forward to it!




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  1. Hello!

    Totally stoked for the recipe this week, just looking over it I realized that it calls for dried black beans… which means you need to take the time to soak them. Here is what some blog says to do,

    Soaking & Cooking:

    Black beans, like all dried beans, need to be soaked before cooking. This hydration helps to reduce the cooking time. Because they are small, 2 – 4 hours soaking in cold water should suffice. Drain, and cook as per recipe.

    If you don’t have the time, boil the beans in water for 1 – 3 minutes, turn off heat, cover the pot and let them sit for one hour. Drain and proceed as per recipe. However, there is a problem with this quick soaking (boiling for 1 – 3 minutes) method. Hot water increases the solubility of the water soluble nutrients, and softens the cell membranes of the beans, further accelerating the loss of these nutrients. This should be a consideration, because of the long cooking time during which more nutrients are lost. Cold soaked and cooked at a very gentle simmer, beans retain most of their nutrients, which are considerable.

    The only thing I’m worried about is the 2-4 hours soak? Fuck! what are we supposed to do, run home and throw them in water at 2 so we can be ready to cook with them at 6!? And then it says if you over do it they ferment and mold… but under soaking leads to crunchy beans. And as a seasoned veteran of trying to quick soak, it just isn’t the same.

    Any one have any good ideas before we battle either late dinner or wooden bark soup?


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