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A Little Goes a Long Way

We are only two meals into this new cooking venture and I have already learned a very important lesson…never underestimate the importance of kitchen appliances! Although my guests (AKA Jenna and Callie) and myself thoroughly enjoyed the meal, I cannot help but think that if I had a zester, it would have been that much better. As Kelsey mentioned, when mincing the ginger it took on a very prevalent flavor in the meal opposed to what may have happened if it was grated. I have always considered myself a big fan of ginger. It’s one of the first things to disappear from my plate at a sushi restaurant, however my experience cooking with it is very limited. Now keeping this in mind, I naturally cut off a sliver of the root to taste while I was doing my prep work. I’m not quite sure how to describe the intensity of the flavor but it was incredibly overwhelming, and I’m ashamed to admit that I spit it out. Despite this less than appealing experience, once the ginger was mixed in with the rest of the dish it was strong yet enjoyable. I had a similar experience when it came to adding in the lemon zest.  My first mistake was that I used a Meyer Lemon which had far more juice in it than I expected. This mixed with large pieces of lemon zest left the meal with yet another dominant flavor. In the end, the meat mixture was still very refreshing and satisfying! It was perfect for a hot summer evening, however, I believe it could have used a bit more subtlety when it came to the ginger and lemon.

Now that I’ve reviewed the flaws of my dish, it’s time to give credit where credit is due! This dish was easily assembled and enjoyed by an often picky crowd. My main shout out is going to go to Jenna who dislikes both crunchy lettuce and anything with mushrooms. My lettuce wraps were loaded with mushrooms (I would say it was a 50-50 ratio, mushrooms to everything else) yet Jenna liked them enough to go back for seconds. She didn’t even notice that there were mushrooms in the dish (this is possibly due to the abundance of lemon and ginger but either way, I got her to eat mushrooms, whoohoo!!).

My overall rating of the dish would probably be a B, although I have no doubt that on a second attempt (which i plan to do) with the appropriate tools it would place in the A range.

On to some blogging etiquette….I must apologize to the members of K1tchen B1tches and our many many readers for first off, being 2 weeks late on my review and second not having any pictures to post. I’m planning to take advantage of a much needed cell phone upgrade before the next cooking challenge so I do not expect to encounter this problem again. In the meantime I’ve included my shopping list to brighten up my post 🙂

Shopping list:




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