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Spice and Something Nice!

A big shout out goes to Justine for documenting the commencement of k1tchenb1tches at the Cohasset household! As you can see, the meal was quite a success. Kale enchiladas walked away with the award for biggest crowd pleaser and the rice received first place for the spiciest side dish ever!! I’m going to go ahead and vote this meal as child friendly considering how well it went over with our finicky friends. Not only did they “Not hate it” everyone agreed they would make/eat it again (BIG statement)!! Now to discuss the 2 components of the meal in greater depth:


Kim, let me start by saying I am incredibly impressed with your effort and totally stoked on your participation in our new hobby/obsession! I strongly urge you to get yourself a blender or food processor because this sauce was yes, slightly time consuming but totally worth it. It was easy to make and delightful to eat!

The Filling was sooo good. I was a little worried about the meatless aspect but I found it perfectly satisfying. Justine was responsible for the successful seasoning. She threw in a little added garlic powder and a Juju portion of salt (which can be viewed by some as excessive but on this occasion, it was just right!)

Finally the assembling of the enchiladas….I pulled the all-faithful sous chef, Callie, into the kitchen for this part. Over the years she and I have attempted several different techniques to getting the tortillas just right. We’ve tried steaming them first, immersing then in boiling enchilada sauce, you name it, and finally this recipe seemed to provide the answer—heat them in a slightly oiled skillet! Although Justine compared our presentation to a casserole opposed to individual enchiladas, I think it turned out great in both presentation and taste.



Sooo the rice could have been better. I would suggest using half a Habaneros pepper, even though they are co cute and unassuming (No Callie, you cannot play with the Habanero Pepper). Despite our promising efforts to train ourselves to handle the spiciest of spice, I think this dish would have been more enjoyable if it wasn’t burning off my taste buds and setting my nose on fire when I just so happened to sniff while chewing (kind of gross, but legitimate concern).


All in all, great first run! Can’t wait for next time

Your favorite recovering burn victim,



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  1. lol @ juji portion of salt. i hope your nose is OK today.


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