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If you can lick it off Ricky Martin’s chest, I’m in.

I can definitely say that about this recipe’s sauce. Forget Helen…this tart tequila goodness started the Trojan war. It was BOMB. I want to start off by saying that Kim, you are positively hilarious, and a valuable asset to this cooking project. I loved all of your substitutions and spur-of-the-moment additions; your spontaneity is appreciated and I think we can all agree that this is what K1tchenB1tches is all about (hint hint, nice move with the yogurt & grated manchego).  While our recipe was a little more “by the book”, it also turned out AMAZING. Spicy as fuck, but still amazing. Props to Sammy for buying all of the ingredients. She lucked out and was able to find canned tomatillos. I silently dared myself to take a bite of a tomatillo by itself, and it was not yummy. But mixed in with the baked onion, garlic, and jalapeno and then blended with the cream and te-kill-ya…it was to die for.

I’m not going to lie, this whole meal took like two hours to prepare and the heat in the Cohasset kitchen was enough to send Gordon Ramsay running for the hills. We had a couple minor speedbumps – a not-enough-cheese scare, a habanero pepper burn on Sam’s nose, and a bleak realization 5 minutes before serving that this could quite possibly be the spiciest meal anyone’s ever eaten. That’s saying alot, because Callie and I engaged in spice-desensitization training for all 4 years of college. All in all, the cooking went smoothly, and our two dishes both looked and tasted good.

I felt really good about eating this meal because even though the sauce was creamy and we put on an excess of cheese, it was filled with [wilted] leafy greens! Kale has antioxidants galore and spinach is iron/calcium rich. But without meat, could this dish possibly make hair grow on Popeye’s chest? I think so…but this is coming from a former vegetarian.

Sauce gets an A, because it was tasty. It could be eaten with anything remotely Mexican.

Rice gets a B, because it was good but almost bland when you tried to ignore the spice. No matter how much cilantro goes in, you just can’t make white rice a flavorful and dynamic dish. Keith didn’t like it, but it reminded him of the rice from Chipotle. Jenna even had a bite, but was discouraged by the spice.

Enchiladas get a B+ because the filling was delicious, but the corn tortilla was a little bulky. It’s really hard to make enchiladas actually look like enchiladas (vs. a casserole), and my portion ended up as a blob on my plate. I found myself picking around the tortilla. Oh well, no great loss there. Carbs = enemy. I ended up eating it all anyways, duh.

I’m happy with how this whole experience turned out, and I am super, SUPER proud of my “culinarily selective” bitches, Cal and Jenna. Maybe this is our true calling, getting you guys to overcome your mental blocks about food? I would definitely make these enchiladas again, and I will impress the shit out of my Canadian boyfriends with this healthy and delicious meal inspired by a faraway land – Mexico.

Later Sweetsies!


P.S. Here are some pictures of our triumphant creations:



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  1. God bless you for your compliments, and I am so glad that the sauce went well for you! I am purchasing a blender after work today. Or maybe in two weeks… I don’t know.

    -Kimberly “can’t follow directions” Lewis


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