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The Magna Carta

In light of Jenna’s joining the K1tchenB1tches, we will enact a set of rules which must be meticulously followed by all members of this *gourmet* cooking project. 

1) There shall be no room for picky eaters in the K1tchenB1tches. Everyone is allowed to have a small (please use your judgment) list of dislikes. That is your inalienable right at a food-eater. But when your finicky nature interferes with the greater good of the group (i.e. we can’t make things containing anything green, or anything from the sea), you must hold your peace and sit that week out.

Things I don’t like:

-Zucchini/yellow squash


-Some kinds of cooked salmon

-Sweet sauces on savory foods

-Gluten (depending on my mood)

-Blatant use of eggs. They gross me out when I can see solid egg. I don’t like dealing with the squiggly. So please – no Eggs Benedict.

-I’m sure there are some other things, so please remind me if I’ve forgotten.

2) Experimental food interests/curiosities will be respected, and sometimes even honored. If Kelsey is interested in cooking Bird’s Nest Soup, we will make Bird’s Nest Soup. If Jenna wants to cook starfruit tartlets with coriander cream, we will make them. And so on and so on. As long as things are affordable and can be easily found in a store, they will be cooked by K1tchenB1tches.

I think we can all agree that the recipes we agree on should be relatively cheap and relatively healthy. Any other rules? Whatcha guys think?

Welcome JSchurm!!! I’m so proud of your adventurousness. That’s the Aussie spirit!





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  1. Agreed. Welcome, J Schurm! PS: How did you make your own profile? Should I do that? Things that are on my “rather not eat” list are:

    1. Bell peppers of any kind. Luckily, unless that’s the main ingredient, I can always leave it out.
    2. Raw mushrooms
    3. Eggplant (this is not a deal breaker, just not my favorite)
    4. Slivered or sliced almonds. Should these come up in a recipe though, I can always modify and chop them instead. I’m aware that this is an odd food aversion.
    5. Obviously, blatant displays of dairy. I’ve become very good at finding subsitutes/dealing with the consequences of consuming dairy (ex: Lactaid instead of milk or cream, greek yogurt instead of sour cream, etc). I’m like one of those people who lose their thumbs and learn to do things with their feet. Or Helen Keller.


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